Catherine Clancy is a passionate garden designer and RHS qualified horticulturalist. Catherine studied garden design at the English Garden School and the RHS Dip Hort at Hadlow College. Catherine is a fully registered member of the Society of Garden Designers.and British Association of Landscape Industries  Catherine is also a qualified project manager, from her previous career in Technology.

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Since 2005, I have created high quality, beautifully planted, functional outdoor spaces for clients, focusing on making the most of  the garden space available in small London gardens.  My practice focuses on design excellence, a down to earth attitude and collaboration.  Although small town gardens and courtyards are my speciality, I have also designed larger family gardens, edible gardens, front gardens, and country gardens for clients. 

I love developing the concept and structure of a garden, combining hard landscaping and defined planting zones. I also enjoy working with skilled craftspeople, landscapers, fabricators, finding out new ways of creating  garden features, working with new products, or reworking old products, getting into the detail of how things work, how they will be created.  Its so rewarding seeing the whole garden come together at the end of the project!